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HVAC & IAQ Systems

Whether you need a new air conditioning system or would like to breath better air. HomePros knows that quality equipment and great service are essential to providing long term, hassle free comfort in your home.

Service & Repair

Having trouble with your air conditioning system or pool heater? With over 30 years industry experience you can trust that HomePros will be there for you with qualified experts that can handle any problem you are experiencing.

Blown Insulation

Go green with new blown in attic insulation. Acting as a blanket for your home, it can hold the cool and keep out the heat. Adding insulation into your attic will cut down on energy usage and can save you money.

2 year Labor warranty

On every new air conditioning system installed

No matter the issue, during the first 2 years of your new air conditioning system being installed, all parts and labor are covered no matter what. With HomePros you can have peace of mind knowing we will do our best to make you as happy and comfortable in your home as possible. 

HVAC System Installation

System types

The majority of systems we install are Rheem/Ruud or Mitsubishi but if there is a particular brand you are interested in we can more than likely install that for you as well.

Installation process

We will arrive between 7:30-8:00a.m. on the scheduled install date and work tirelessly to complete the installation on the same day so you don’t have to go a night without air. If we are changing out a full duct system as well that may carry over into the following day but we will provide portable air conditioners so you can still sleep comfortably.

Care and Maintenance

With every new system installation we include the first year of bi-annual maintenances at no extra charge. That gives us a chance to come back and check on the system as well as giving you added piece of mind that everything is taken care of

Smart Thermostats

What's needed

Any Wifi enabled thermostat, home Wifi service, correct thermostat wire and a smart phone are the main things needed to start monitoring your homes climate today. 

Installation Process

We will provide, install and set up  your new smart thermostat and have it set up to your smart device so you can see it before we leave.  

Service and labor warranties

With every repair you not only get a 30 day service call warranty, but also a 12 month labor warranty on every thermostat we install.

Pool Heaters

Heater Types

With our state license we can service, repair or replace your gas or electric style pool heater. 

Repair Process

We will come to your home and fully diagnose any issue your pool heater is having for our flat rate $99 service call fee. We do this to remove pressure on the technician so he/she can diagnose the problem correctly the first time. If we have to order a part and return you are not charged another service call fee. 

Service and Labor Warranties

With every repair you not only get a 30 day service call warranty, but also a 12 month warranty on every part we install.

Indoor Air Quality

IAQ benefit

According to the EPA scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air and this is where indoor air quality systems can significantly benefit you and your family by sterilizing the air you breathe.

Whole Home IAQ vs UV only systems

Whole home IAQ systems focus on the air that is distributed into your home and have been proven to kill most viruses and bacteria. UV only systems focus on eliminating the growth inside your air handler and as a bi product will also sterilize the air moving through your system on its way by.

Care and Maintenance

Whole home IAQ systems have cells that are good for between 3-5 years without needing replace as UV bulbs will need to be replaced every 1-3 years.

Blown Insulation

Why you should consider it

Attic insulation is like a blanket over the living space in your home. It keeps the comfort in and the harsh outdoor temps out. Go green and start saving energy today with blown attic insulation.

Installation Process

It doesn’t take long to get great insulation throughout your home. Most jobs take only a few hours and can start saving you energy immediately. 

What does it cost

Blown insulation can be installed at different heights and efficiencies. With costs starting at 99 cents a sqft it can pay you back quickly and add value to your home.

Ductless Mini Splits

Cost effective versatility

There is no better way to cool your garage than with a ductless mini split. With inverter technology energy usage is at a minimum with mini splits.

Installation Process

After the permitting process is finished we will schedule your ductless mini split installation for a time that works best for you. We will complete most installations within one day. After the installation we will have a full orientation showing all of its features and answer any questions you may have.

Care and Maintenance

Just like your main air conditioning system, mini splits need maintenance too. Regular filter cleanings are a must with annual maintenance by a professional highly recommended.

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